Get Free Perfume Samples – in person options!

Perfume samples are a great way to grow your fragrance collection without breaking the bank. After all, you have to see if the scent matches your body chemistry right? Here are my favorite ways to get free perfume samples! There are some ways to do this online (I’ll post about that later). For now, here are some in-person options for those who like to sample with more than their imagination lol


Sephora is by far my favorite place to sample from. They actually give you mini samples of almost all of their products. I love that you can take the product home and try it before you buy it.

Sephora is home to A LOT of different brands and fragrance companies. They have coffee beans present so you can refresh your olfactory palette. If there are no coffee beans, no worries! Another way to refresh your olfactory palette is by simply smelling yourself lol

When you’re ready to sample, simple ask one of the Sephora employees. Some stores do limit the number of products you can sample, so please respect that.

My only worry with sampling from Sephora is that they spray the fragrance directly into the sample bottle. From the many times I have sampled there, there is no air tight way to do this. This may cause you to lose some top notes as the fragrance can escape into the air or combine with fragrance in the new sample bottle. Nothing huge to worry about! You can still directly sample on the skin.


ULTA also has many brands and fragrance companies for you to discover. However, their sampling system is a little different from Sephora.

ULTA does not package samples in the way that Sephora does. Samples are sent through the company and beauty advisers give out what they have on hand.

One of the ways I like to sample a fragrance from ULTA is to directly sample on my skin while shopping. I usually spend at least 30 minutes in ULTA so this works out very well. Within those 30 minutes, I give the scent enough time to develop so that the middle notes fully come through. This is usually all I need to determine if I like a scent.

ULTA has many roller balls and personal sprays as well. If you love a fragrance, but aren’t ready to commit to the full size bottle, roller balls or personal sprays are great! Rollerballs and personal sprays usually last well over one month so you will really get to know the fragrance.

You can jump to a full size bottle if you love the scent. If you don’t love the scent later, ULTA has an amazing return policy.

Malls/Shopping Centers

In the same way that you can sample scents from ULTA, you can also do in the mall or other shopping centers. Most malls have representative from each brand waiting to let you sample a fragrance. You can sample directly on the skin as you continue your shopping. I like to park by the huge department stores in the mall so I have to pass back through before leaving. I honesty can’t think of anything better than starting and ending my shopping trip with a fragrance adventure!

Some brands will have prepackaged samples for employees to give out. Don’t be shy! Ask for one or if there are any recommended ways to sample from the brand.


Magazines are the ancient way to sample fragrances, but don’t count them out! If you subscribe to magazines, or one randomly comes to your house, look for the fragrance samples. You know the little cards that have a flap where the scent is concentrated? You can at least get a great introduction to the fragrance using these.

I like to throw the little cards in my purse or closet and let the scent sit there. Whenever I notice that I am loving a scent, I will see if I can get a bigger sample elsewhere. The card will have all the info you need so you can’t forget ๐Ÿ™‚

Do you have any favorite ways to get free perfume samples in person? Let me know in comments. I would love to know!

Smell you later,


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