About MIMS

Make It Make Scents is a fragrance boutique that offers personal and home fragrances, both original & inspired by luxury/designer/niche brands, at a fraction of the cost.

Fragrance is a personal statement. Make It Make Scents believes that quality and alluring fragrance should be affordable. Each fragrance is carefully formulated, bottled, and packaged with the customer in mind.
Your personal statement to the world shouldn't break the bank.

Make It Make Scents was founded in 2019 by Kaylon (that's me!). Growing up, I was always surrounded by beautiful and complex fragrances. My mother was the first "frag fanatic" that I ever met. Her vanity was filled with too many fragrances for my young nose to handle. I was introduced to luxury fragrances, but not so much the luxury price tag. As a young adult ready to take on the world, I did not want to part with the fragrances that I knew and loved. They were my signature, a comfort and created a sense of familiarity. But I also did not want to throw off the wonderful budget that I created.

Make It Make Scents started as my personal way of giving scent to the world. You can be an experienced frag fanatic looking for alternatives to your most used scents. Or a budding fragrance lover who is just starting to explore scents. Whether it is a known aroma or an original blend that will enhance your fragrance collection, Make It Make Scents will always deliver that fragrance at a price that makes scents :)